My First Warlock


Last night I had some connection issues which lead to the, “There is already a character with that name in this realm” problem. It’s not actually that long that you have to wait (about 3 minutes I think). But alas, I was impatient so I started configuring an Orc Warlock. I figured I just run him through the beginning area to get a feel for the class.

I ended up playing him all night and making it up to Razor Hill and over the Sin’Jin Village. I can definitely see why so many people love the Hunter and Warlock classes with having a pet/minion. I effectively was my own group of two. I could tell the pet to attack and then I could step back and fire ranged attacks until the beast or mob was dead. Very nice; I think I’ll have to explore this class some more.

On another note I was able to reach lvl 23 on my Orc Rogue before I was disconnected. I did miss my stealth while I was playing the Warlock. BTW my warlocks name is Gargonzola (sorta like the cheese Gorgonzola).