Migraine Study in Wired Magazine


Hello friends. All of your prayers have been answered and I (Jonathan) have been asked to participate in a nationwide study by several very prominent doctors in the field of neurology. They are doing a study of higher brain functions on people who suffer severe migraines on a regular basis and believe that a new treatment could be right around the corner.

The really exciting part is that Wired Magazine will have reporters following the progress of the study and I (Jonathan) will be one of a few of the participants selected to be featured on the front page of an upcoming issue. Here is a preliminary image of the cover.

Wired Magazine Feature

Ha ha, lol, gotcha! Just kiddin. Wired Magazine was having a promotional where you could be one of the first 5,000 subscribers to have your own photo put on a personalized issue sent to you in July. But of course I missed out. I did have fun making a magazine cover though.