Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Video Online


A big thanks to Wired Magazine for this big link. Yeah, I know I get a lot of my tech content from them. Why do you think I have a category dedicated to them (ReWIRED)?

Anyway, this year at the D5 conference (All Things Digital) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were together on the same stage to talk about various things about the software and computer industry. The video of the event is online for you to view and is quite entertaining. If you are at all interested in computers, software and/or the tensions between Microsoft (Public, NASDAQ:MSFT) and Apple (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL) then I would highly suggest giving it a watch. As a hint of how things started the first question asked was for each of them to comment on what and how they thought the other had contributed to the computer and technology industry. Hmmm… let’s try to shake things up shall we?

Take a look at these two screenshots:

Screenshot of Get A Mac Commercial - Flashback

Screenshot of D5 All Things Digital Conference

Notice anything similar about the pictures? Oh yeah, they are exactly that! The Get A Mac ads speak volumes about the two real life company leaders. Steve Jobs is smooth, suave and cool. Bill… well he’s just as nerdy as the college pictures (bottom left) that everyone has seen. What’s perfect is that good ole Steve Jobs ended the interview by quoting some lyrics from a Beatles tune while Bill just looked on. 🙂