Flickr Now Has Photo Printing!


Do you have a Flickr account? Sure you do! Most people online do at least. Well I’m sure you’ve heard or seen when you logged in that they have printing now. That’s pretty nifty. You can set up your account to allow or disallow certain groups from printing your photos. I currently have mine set to allow my friends, family and any contacts to print my photos. Why? I don’t know.

What’s the cost? Well, the ole standard 4×6 photos will cost you $0.15 per print. That’s about standard across the board. Unfortunately it’s not cheap enough to pull me away from my current provider, which is Snapfish Photos. They are regularly $0.12 per print and you can get them as low as $0.10 per print if you pre-pay for your order. Not only that, but in a recent online photo printing shootout done by PC World Magazine, Snapfish ranked among the highest in quality of printed photos.

Too bad. I really love the online gallery aspects of Flickr, but I can’t switch photo printing providers with the price point difference. Can’t you come down just a wee bit more, Flickr?