Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 14 (IOGEAR Digital Scribe)

IOGEAR Digital ScribeHow many times have you been to a large meeting and every person in the place is typing away at a laptop, tablet PC or handheld device to keep notes? I’m a software engineer so the meetings I have been too have been full of fairly technical people. However, this situation has never occurred to me in my lifetime. The most prominent note taking medium that I have ever seen is the ever ubiquitous yellow colored legal pad. Wouldn’t it be nice, though to have the comfort and familiarity of the legal pad with the convenience of accessing your notes digitally? Well, now you can!

Not only legal pads, but any other note-taking surface you may be inclined to use. The IOGEAR Digital Scribe uses a combination of a capture device that clamps onto whatever you are writing on and a digital pen that uses regular ink to store your handwritten notes to a computer. Cool, eh? But that’s not all. The Digital Scribe can also act as a mouse making it a breeze to switch between applications that you need to write in. You can use the Digital Scribe to supplement your keyboard for text input.

Alas, if it only came packaged for OS X as well. 🙁 It is, however still a very cool geek gift.