Link Bundle – May 7


Javascript Wolfenstein 3D
Here is a little nostalgia for you gamers out there. The Nihilogic site has created the Wolfenstein 3D video game using Javascript, Canvas and a little AJAX. Pretty cool.

Improving Code Readability With CSS Styleguides
Smashing Magazine brings you a great article on some “best of” practices for keeping your CSS code nice, neat and legible.

OpenJDK7, Solaris, and Sun Studio 12 Compilers
Check out the status on the new upcoming OpenJDK7 straight from the horses mouth… er, Sun.

100 Killer Web Accessibility Resources: Blogs, Forums and Tutorials
Jimmy Atkinson posted a really great (and long) list of web accessibility resources. Go check it out and get your accessibility on.

Breaking: Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Bid; Walks Away From Deal
Good ole TechCrunch has the skinny on Microsoft’s latest move in their efforts to acquire Yahoo. They’re walking away!