Why Is My FireFox Freezing!?


For the past month or so I have been extremely saddened by my FireFox browser. I’m running Windows Vista (weeping and gnashing of teeth) and it seems like Firefox would just freeze up from time to time. I had network activity and could actually browse the sites I was attempting to connect to with another browser. This symptom has grown worse and lately is such that I don’t use Firefox at all. I have been using Safari for general purpose browsing and then I would open up IE if I needed to use my Roboform addon to login to a site. What a kluge!

We Have A Solution!

Yay, I am proud to submit that I have found a solution to my Firefox woes. I actually do not know what the problem is, but at least I have a way to fix it. I happened upon it because I needed to plugin my thumb drive. I have Firefox (the portable edition) installed on the thumb drive and so I just happened to launch it from there and started browsing the web. It occurred to me after about an hour that I hadn’t had any freezes! So then I headed over to portableapps.com and downloaded the latest version of Firefox they have there. I have installed this on my PC and added all of my addons. Now I am happy as a lark to have my favorite browser back in the saddle.