Link Bundle – July 9

Build Seamless, Fully Functional Forms with No Coding
Collis Ta’eed provides and excellent tutorial on using the Wufoo site to generate web forms with no coding. There are lots of pictures and code samples.

JDK 6 Update 7: Java VisualVM Included
Geertjan Wielenga gives an honest review of the latest Java Development Kit’s new features, including a visual tool for peeking into your virtual machine!

Dive Into Python
Thinking about jumping into some Python development? Well Dive Into Python is a Python book for experienced programmers and you can download a FREE e-book version online. Pretty sweet.

5 useful Google search tips you might now know
Roshan Bhattarai gives us 5 really simple Google searching tips.

Google Launches Lively to Create a Virtual World Across Social Networks
Mashable gives a great review of a new product from Google (huge surprise). It’s called Lively and is a new social network built around the concept of creating virtual avatars. Second Life for Google anyone?