Nike+ iPod : Cheap Fix For Failure


I’m a runner and I use the Nike+ iPod gadgetry to track my runs. It is very easy to use, convenient and it helps me to be motivated. Well, about three weeks ago it started failing. At random times during my run it would just queue the end of run recording and my workout would end. Very frustrating. I tried several ways of wearing it differently to no avail. I searched the internet for answers and found listings like this one with not much information other than, “you need to buy newer stuff.” This was quite frustrating as my workout routine was being interrupted and I can’t really afford to replace my equipment at the moment.

I’m pretty sure that the failure has to do with water damage from sweat and one day I received some inspiration. I’ve been using this fix for about a week and it has cured my Nike+ woes, so I thought I’d share it. It is simple, easy to implement, and the biggest boon…. it’s super cheap! Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Your iPod
  2. Your armband (I use one)
  3. Your Nike+ attachment
  4. Your headphones
  5. And one sandwich sized zip-top bag!

* Here is an old review of my equipment


Here is what you do:

  1. Attach the Nike+ attachment to your iPod nano
  2. Next, instead of placing your iPod into the armband and then attaching your headphones, you’ll need to thread your headphones through the armband. This will allow you to assemble the whole deal inside the sandwich bag first.
  3. Attach the headphones to your iPod
  4. Slip the sandwich bag over the iPod with everything attached
  5. Wrap it all up like a burrito
  6. Then carefully work the assembly into the armband as it normally would be. It’ll be a little tighter than usual because of the sandwich bag, but it should fit.
  7. That’s it! See the pics below for an illustration.


Yeah, I could of just said “wrap it up in a sandwich bag” instead of an entire tutorial with pictures, but that wouldn’t give me as much content for my blog. Now that I have my running rig back on track I don’t have to worry about finding the funds to replace it all; at least not just yet.