Officially a Wow Nerd


Well a work associate talked me into trying out World of Warcraft in January. I downloaded the software, got the free trial key and stepped into the wonderful world of Azeroth. I was immediatly intrigued and found it hard to stop playing.

My free trial of course expired, much to my dismay, and I could not afford to buy the game for several weeks (right after the holidays and all). This was very depressing. I finally ponied up the cash for the game and am absolutely addicted to the game.

My main character is an Orc rogue on the Garithos realm named Zurtrim. He is currently a level 16 skinner/leatherworker and I’m leaning toward being a dagger rogue. I really enjoy playing the class: stealthing in to steal the loot, sneaking up behind monsters and backstabbing them. I’ll probably maintain that character up to the level 30s or so and then pick an alt character. I think I want to try either a Shaman or a Warlock next.

Well, that’s it. I just wanted to announce to the world that I’m an official Wow nerd.