Aion Fantasy MMORPG in Open Beta


Aion is a new MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) by NCSOFT that is now available for open beta, but it’s for this weekend only (September 6 – September 13). Head on over there to grab your Open Beta key and download the client. If you do want to play though you should start the download process immediately as it’s a 9.1 Gb file download.

Ma.gnolia Site Down For The Count

I just tried to save a bookmark to one of my favorite bookmarking sites, To my dismay however, I received the following message.“Early on the West-coast morning of Friday, January 30th, Ma.gnolia experienced every web service’s worst nightmare: data corruption and loss. For Ma.gnolia, this means that the service is offline and members’ bookmarks are unavailable, both through the website itself and the API.”


My heart goes out to the folks running the site, for I have felt the pangs of data corruption and know the extent of the path to recovery. I hope you guys are able to recover!

They’ve Hacked The Internets

matrixcodeWell, it looks like the MD5 hashing algorithm is falling with a big thud. A research group recently attacked the MD5 algorithm using 200 PlayStation 3 systems and were able to construct a bogus Certificate Authority that looks like a known trusted CA. What does this mean? Well, it could mean lost revenue for online retailers (Amazon, E-Bay, etc). If HTTPS connections become less and less reliable due to the certificate authorities dragging their heels on upgrading, then more and more people will be more timid about making online purchases. Especially when they can run down to the Barnes & Noble down the street and not have to worry about such techy topics.

This news of course comes to you from CrunchGear. Read the whole article titled: MD5 collision creates rogue Certificate Authority. WARNING: it gets a little technical so you may just want to scan it, unless that sort of thing is your bag… baby!

Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer

Oh boy! Blizzard has unveiled the cinematic trailer for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. And it does NOT dissappoint. Blizzard raises the bar on the quality of their cinematics every time they release one. Also note, that they usually only unveil the cinematics when the release of the product is drawing near… so it could be soon. 😀

Click here to view the trailer Teams Up With Universal For Videos

The site has now teamed up with Universal Music to provide it’s users with free, full-length music videos of some really top rated artists including Nelly Furtado, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West (really cool video!), Nirvana, Guns ‘N’ Roses and more. Thank you (or should we thank the owner CBS) as they are actually paying a premium for each stream of a video but pass none of the cost on to it’s users. One of the really cool things is that the videos actually get scrobbled when you watch them so they go into your listening list and affect your suggestions, etc just like regular music tracks. Now if we could only get video scrobbling for everything!

Facebook IM? Instant Messaging In Your Social Network

FacebookAccording to TechCrunch, Facebook will soon be opening the doors on a new IM service built right into their their social networking platform. It is slated to use the Jabber open source platform, which should make it easy to add the new service into many existing IM chat clients. Of course this could spell disaster for several other companies that have created IM services around the Facebook platform. Keep your eyes open for the service as it may be arriving soon!

Best Buyer Beware – Digital Picture Frames Carry Virus

Insignia Digital Picture FrameThe high tech retail store, Best Buy (Public, NYSE:BBY) recently confirmed that they sold a “limited number” of 10.4 inch digital picture frames during the holiday season that came with a computer virus pre-installed. The frames were part of their in-house Insignia brand and they were “contaminated with a computer virus during the manufacturing process,” according to a notice posted on the Insignia site last weekend. The frame which went by the part number NS-DPF10A has been discontinued, and all remaining inventory pulled. It apparently only affects Windows PCs that are connected to the picture frame. AND they are not going to recall them… what!? So how do I fix it? They suggest installing an up to date antivirus software package and using it to scan the picture frame. Thanks.

Source: NY Times

Alienware’s Curved Monitor For Gamers

Alienware Curved MonitorAlienware came to the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada to turn some heads. They succeeded. This LED lit monitor has a resolution of 2880×900 and is reported to have a 0.02 ms response time. All you gamers out there with extra cash to spend listen up. If you want to completely immerse yourself into your games you have to check this baby out. You can also watch video footage of the monitor in action below (click through to the site if you cannot see the video).

Thanks to Gizmodo for the picture above and some story details.