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Google Unplugged? New API To Enabled Offline Web Applications

Google has an early release of a new Google Gears (BETA) that will do just that. It couples a browser Javascript API and a back-end relational database to enable some sort of briefcase model for web applications. According a TechCrunch article Google Gears Lets Developers Take Apps Offline Google is hosting a developer day for …

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Google Buys FeedBurner For $100 Million

Just in case you didn’t know there have been rumors flying around that Google (Public, NASDAQ:GOOG) had plans to purchase FeedBurner, the RSS management company that many blog sites including this one use. I don’t pay attention to rumors because so many of them fly around these days including the one a couple weeks back …

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SmartCOP? I Think Not!

Or so says Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and the Wilson Police Department (North Carolina) in an article published on Thursday, April 19, 2007 by the WilsonTimes. [Sheriff Wayne] Gay said his deputies have had nothing but problems with the system and a hard time getting anyone to correct them. “They have not delivered anything in …

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