They’ve Hacked The Internets

matrixcodeWell, it looks like the MD5 hashing algorithm is falling with a big thud. A research group recently attacked the MD5 algorithm using 200 PlayStation 3 systems and were able to construct a bogus Certificate Authority that looks like a known trusted CA. What does this mean? Well, it could mean lost revenue for online retailers (Amazon, E-Bay, etc). If HTTPS connections become less and less reliable due to the certificate authorities dragging their heels on upgrading, then more and more people will be more timid about making online purchases. Especially when they can run down to the Barnes & Noble down the street and not have to worry about such techy topics.

This news of course comes to you from CrunchGear. Read the whole article titled: MD5 collision creates rogue Certificate Authority. WARNING: it gets a little technical so you may just want to scan it, unless that sort of thing is your bag… baby!

Google Chrome Browser – First Impressions

Last night I downloaded and installed Google Chrome, Google’s latest creation, an internet web browser. At first I wasn’t really all that interested as I’m quite infatuated with FireFox 3, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

When you first open up Google Chrome, you get a very sleek and minimalist interface that has you focusing on the web content instead of the browser. That seems to be the latest trend in browsers and I like it. The second thing I noticed… man, this thing is fast! I mean web pages are rendered extremely fast and accurately. I loaded up my NetVibes home page with multiple RSS tabs. That usually takes quite a wait, but Chrome had it loaded in no time flat. Impressive.

The next thing I noticed is that when you right-click on the top portion of the browser, where the file menu would normally be, you get an option called Task Manager. Opening that reveals a windows style task manager showing Memory, CPU and Network usage of the Chrome browser and a breakdown of the various tabs and plugins you are running. Sweet!

Think that’s cool? Well, click on the little link at the lower left of that window titled “Stats for nerds” and prepare to be blown away! Ok, well it wasn’t all that extremely awesome, but it is cool. Now I get see the same stats in comparison with my running version of FireFox 3. Now they’re just bragging!

Finally, the thing that I fell in love with was in the tools section. At the upper right hand corner of the browser there is an icon of a page. Click that and go down to the Developers submenu and from there select Javascript Console. Firebug built-in anyone? This is a really great Javascript console that allows you to debug the page. It shows all of the page level elements and scripts and even tells you if they are computed or on the page. There is a console below where you can just type in Javascript commands and execute them on the page. Be careful, though! Not a great idea when you are writing a blog in WordPress. lol

There is also a tab at the top of the console that is title Resources. Click on that and you can get a very pretty (eye candy) view of the various resources that comprise a page and their respective load times. This could be useful in debugging a page that takes too long to load!

And now for the bad news. Yes, there is bad… basically it boils down to FireFox AddOns. There are a few that I use which I really can’t operate without. So until I can find alternatives to those which I would be just as happy with, I’m afraid that FireFox is still my browser of choice. Though I’ll definitely be keeping Chrome installed and playing with it.

Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest

Design The Official Firefox 3 T-Shirt!Do you have mad ninja designing skillz? Do you love the Firefox web browser (who doesn’t)? Well, now is your chance to win some cool cash and prizes plus worldwide recognition! The Mozilla Store is hosting a T-Shirt Design Contest for the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Firefox 3 browser. If chosen, your design will be represented on the official Firefox 3 t-shirt during the release. So what can you win? Here are the prizes.

1st Place Winner:

  • Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store.
  • A free Firefox 3 T-Shirt to show off your winning design.
  • $250 gift voucher to

4 runners up:

  • A free Firefox 3 T-Shirt with the winning design.
  • A $50 gift voucher to

Google Version 2.0: Googzilla – The Calculating Predator

Google Version 2.0: Googzilla – The Calculating Predator
— Google’s database inventions by themselves, according to Stephen E. Arnold, who has written a patent-centric study of the company, show that Google’s research unit has superseded Bell Labs and Xerox PARC as the place for technical innovation in the U.S., if not the world. The new study’s index lists 90 patents and applications of the more than 200 that Arnold has identified and analyzed.

“Calculating Predator” picks up where “Legacy” left off in depicting Google as more than a search and advertising company. (Stephen E.) Arnold observes in the study: “Google Version 1.0 was the Web search and advertising company. . . .

“Google Version 2.0 is another creature entirely,” he adds, noting: “I use the term Googzilla to describe the current incarnation of Google. The idea is that Googzilla is big, powerful, and indifferent to the insects and ants crushed by its massive paws. Google Version 2.0 shares the search and ad capabilities of Google Version 1.0, but it is much, much more. . . . With a little more effort, Google could become the largest information publishing, distributing, archiving, and retailing operation in the world.”

A Monster Phishing Scam

I just received an email from an Adrianna -at- with the subject “ suggests You the new job, Jonathan Franzone.” I do have an account at, but I have never received an email like this so of course I opened it up to see what was up. My first indicator that this email was… well… “phishy” was that the Reply-To header was set to some gmail email account. Finally with a quick glance at the content it was immediately recognizable as a phishing scam. Here is the email:

We have found your resume at and would like to suggest you a “Transfer manager” Njl iN

vacancy. We have studied your resume and are happy to inform you that your skills ZTkx MT

completely meet our requirements for this position.
Njl iN

This is a part-time position. Your job will be to transfer money between our clients.

Your job will consist in the following:MjQ 4Y

* Receive the check by mail ZTA yMjJ
* Cash the check within a business day, excluding days off NGR jM
* 8% of the amount are left for yourself as a commission. You take it immediately MWNh ZDF
* The rest of the sum is to be sent via western union to us to the address which will be OWE 0O

mentioned in the e-mail. Transaction fees shall be paid out of the same sum.

Your schedule will be flexible. You will need to spend on average 1-2 hours per day, Monday-Friday.
Njl iN

This is a work-at-home position. All communication will be online.
Nj liN

This job will allow you to:
Nj liN
– Get additional free time; MG FkZ
– Efficiently work at home; MGF kZ
– Increase your income; MGFk ZTU

General requirements: Nj liNj
– Prior customer service experience is a good benefit; Yj RjZ
– Internet and e-mail skills; Experience in online work; Yj RjZT
– Good communications skills Ym YzN2
– Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;ZWIx YmV

During the trial period you will be paid $1,500 per month. You will also be keeping 8 percent commission
Nj li

from every check received from our customer. With the current ammount of clients your average
YjY zNz

income will be about up to $2,000 USD per month. After the trial period your base salary will go up to

$2,250 USD per month, plus 8 percent commission.After the trial period you may ask for additional hours or
Njli NjM4

proceed full-time.


If you are interested in this position, and would like to know more, please e-mail me

We will contact you within 2 days

This obviously is a scam and please anyone who is reading this… nobody is going to pay you to transfer money for them. The funny thing is I didn’t even notice all of the weird character strings littered throughout the message (MG FkZ) until I pasted the contents here. They are apparently font-colored so as not to show up to the human eye. I guess perhaps they help get past the spam filters.

Anyway, this is just me with a friendly phishing heads up!

View Source Chart – A Firefox Extension

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article titled Instant Source – Hacking Websites The Easy Way. It covered the Internet Explorer extension Instant Source, which allowed a much more informative view source functionality. I really liked this extension BUT being an IE only program I set out to find a Firefox alternative.

View Source Chart is a fairly suitable alternative that I found. It is a Firefox extension that allows you to view the source of the document in a state that represents the document after it has been altered by any Javascript. Here are a few of the features:

  • Draws a Color-Coded Chart of a Webpage’s Source Code
  • Displays Source in its Altered State After the DOM has been Manipulated by JavaScript
  • Graphically Displays HTML Tag Boundaries
  • Graphically Defines Tag Nesting Order, Structure and Hierarchy
  • Adds A Simple but Powerful User Interface to Source Code
  • Quickly scan and identify the types of tags a document contains without reading a single tag
  • See how deeply nested an element is, just by looking to its left (no scrolling)
  • Identify the ancestor tag types an element is nested within, without having to scroll and read them

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and have found great use for the way it shows the structure of the document. Not only that but you can collapse/fold the document code to get a real birds eye view of what you are looking for.

View Source Chart

How Can I Access My Home PC Remotely? has the answer!

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to access your PC remotely, and luckily there are also plenty of ways to do so. Crossloop is one of the simplest (it’s also free), but for those willing to venture further, you’ve got lots of options.

Excuse us while we get technical for a second. This list is divided into four main sections: VNC (Virtual Network Computing), NX, remote desktop and cross-protocol. If those terms mean nothing to you, you might want to skip to the “other” section for the most straightforward applications. That said, let’s begin.

Check out the original article, 40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely.

400+ Million Firefox Downloads

According to the Spread Firefox site they have now reached 400 million downloads of the Firefox web browser. I personally cannot use a computer without Firefox installed. It is in my humble opinion far superior to it’s counterparts, especially Internet Explorer. I even have a U3 version installed on my thumb drive so that I have it in my pocket wherever I go.

Mashable List of 5000+ Resources To Do Just About Anything Online publishes some of the coolest lists online for getting stuff done on the web. I’ve linked to them many times in the past. Well apparently many people love their lists and have been demanding for a consolidated list. So they complied and have published a list of lists for all of their online resources. I’ll be bookmarking this one for sure.

Check out the original article here.