Link Bundle – May 13

chain_linkCommon Web Design Mistakes
Mark Smith with MDS Solutions presents a list of stuff you should NOT do when designing your website.

Ext JS 3.0 RC1.1 brings a host of new features to the table
Weblenium gives a quick overview of the new features found in Ext JS 3.0 RC1.1.

Mozilla Brings Webapps to the Desktop, Challenges AIR, Silverlight
Scott Gilbertson covering the release of a new FireFox Add-On called Prism, which looks like it is contending with the likes of AIR and Silverlight.

20 More Excellent AJAX Effects You Should Know
Glen Stansberry giving a great list of excellent AJAX effects.

Field: Experimental Programming IDE
So what will programming look like in the future? Those crazy guys at M.I.T. are taking a stab. See what they are coming up with.

Link Bundle – March 17

chain_linkThe Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower
Want to win a round trip airline ticket to anywhere in the world!? How about a brand-spankin new MacBook Pro? Well Tim Ferris is running a fund raiser / giveaway in which you can win one of these prizes. Head on over to check it out!

Dangerous designs
Vijay Mathew makes some strong arguments against the unnecessary complexity of many modern programming languages and provides examples of some simple and “elegant” alternatives.

5 Tips to Make Your 404 Page More Usable
Matthew Kammerer gives us some tips on creating useful 404 error pages.

10 Linux and open source developer tools you should not overlook
Jack Wallen brings you 10 Linux and Open Source developers tools that… well… you can read the title for yourself.

40 Beautiful Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design
And a little something for the web designers out there. Matt Cronin provides quite an extensive list of sites using some cool, retro designs.

EDIT: Oops! I left off the HREF for that last one. Just added it.

Link Bundle – October 15, 2008

Recession is the Mother of Tech Invention
Pete Cashmore at provides a somewhat positive spin on the recent financial crisis. Could this be an opportunity for innovation?

101 CSS Resources to Add to Your Toolbelt of Awesomeness
Jason Barthome has published a very comprehensive list of CSS related links. There’s sure to be something of use in there!

MySpace Officially Unveils MyAds
Mark Hopkins at writes about the recent unveiling of MyAds, MySpace’s official advertisement network.

Microsoft releases Silverlight 2 announces development capabilities with Eclipse
SQLDenis writes about Microsoft’s release of Silverlight 2, including a trend toward supporting open source communities by integrating with Eclipse.

Core CSS: Part II
DZone Refcards releases Core CSS Part II reference sheet. Go there to download a PDF of the reference and have it available for your next (or current) web design project.

Link Bundle – October 1

10 Principles of the PHP Masters
Great article from Glen Stansberry on the Nettuts blog about PHP development.

10 Useful articles about Database design
Antonio Lupetti has published a nice list of database design articles.

Netflix to Roll Out API Tomorrow
Thanks to Mashable for the heads up on a new API being offered from Netflix. This could be cool.

How to Connect Your Email Address to Your OpenID Account
Here is a really interesting writeup and how-to for linking your email address with an OpenID login.

13 Gmail Extensions for Firefox 3
The title says it all. If you are a GMail user and a Firefox 3 user, then you should definitely check this list out.

Link Bundle – September 17

patterns & practices Performance Engineering
J.D. Meier on software engineering patterns and best practices with a focus on performance.

40+ Beautiful Icon Sets Hand-picked from deviantART- Part 2
The title says it all!

Google shows off final Android handset
Get a look at the new cell phone from Google as shown in Europe this week.

WordPress Developer’s Toolbox
This post provides all kinds of WordPress-related resources for the WordPress developers out there.

10 Smart Javascript Techniques to Improve Your UI
Glen Stansberry from Nettuts brings you a very nice list of Javascript techniques and the tools that you can use to accomplish them.

Link Bundle – August 27

Build Your First Facebook App
Joe Casabona over at NetTuts gives a really easy to follow tutorial on creating your first Facebook application.
Step 1) Build Facebook App, Step 2) ?, Step 3) Profit!

Facebook Platform: The Fanfare Revisited
Since we’re on the subject of Facebook Apps, Alex Iskold has an excellent article on the Facebook platform. If you are looking into becoming a world power in the Facebook arena then you may want to give this a quick read.

The Best Web Development Books – As Voted By You!
Jeffrey Way (also at NetTuts) has rounded up an excellent list of web development books.

10 Free Python Programming Books
And speaking of lists of books… Coderholic brings you a list of 10 free books on Python programming.

Ma.gnolia Goes Open Source; Wants to be the WordPress of Social Bookmarking
Finally, some tech industry news! brings you the story of Ma.gnolia going open source. This is very interesting for anyone who wants to create their own social bookmarking site.

Link Bundle – August 20

Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know
This is a very well constructed article on some basic principles of software engineering; very well worth your time to read. Brought to you by none other than Alex Iskold.

Screencasting: How To Start, Tools and Guidelines
Smashing Magazine has a great article to help you get started with screencasting.

7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code
Also from Smashing Magazine, an excellent read on the do’s and don’ts of CSS.

Top 10 Online Note Taking Applications
Need to take some online notes? Well, Mashable gives you their list of the top 10 out there.

Songsterr Makes Learning Guitar Tabs Easier
And for the musician in me (and possibly you) here is a great review from Mashable on the Songsterr online guitar tab service. I’m personally checking this one out right now!

Link Bundle – July 9

Build Seamless, Fully Functional Forms with No Coding
Collis Ta’eed provides and excellent tutorial on using the Wufoo site to generate web forms with no coding. There are lots of pictures and code samples.

JDK 6 Update 7: Java VisualVM Included
Geertjan Wielenga gives an honest review of the latest Java Development Kit’s new features, including a visual tool for peeking into your virtual machine!

Dive Into Python
Thinking about jumping into some Python development? Well Dive Into Python is a Python book for experienced programmers and you can download a FREE e-book version online. Pretty sweet.

5 useful Google search tips you might now know
Roshan Bhattarai gives us 5 really simple Google searching tips.

Google Launches Lively to Create a Virtual World Across Social Networks
Mashable gives a great review of a new product from Google (huge surprise). It’s called Lively and is a new social network built around the concept of creating virtual avatars. Second Life for Google anyone?

Link Bundle – June 11

Books Giveaway: Comment and Win!
That’s right… Smashing Magazine is giving away books on web design and programming. All you have to do is comment on the post and you could win one of eight books.

A beginner’s mootools – create draggable and resizable elements
Nice beginners tutorial on creating dragable and resizable elements on a web page.

deviantART: 30+ Brethtaking Artworks
Looking for some new awesome desktop wallpaper? This is a great list of some really nice images.

Building a medium to large scale Flex App using Cairngorm
This is a really nice four part series on creating Flex applications using a MVC framework called Cairngorm.

Aspect Oriented Programming in JavaScript
Here is a really cool discussion (and some downloadable code) on using aspect oriented programming in JavaScript.

Link Bundle – June 4

Google Shell Online –
Any *nix lovers (and Google lovers) should definitely check this site out. It’s basically a shell interface to Google… on a web page. Awesome!

Not An OS
Tim Bray vents his frustration about people calling the internet the “Web OS” and generally comparing the internet to an operating system. Preach on, brotha!

Learning ActionScript 3.0: A Beginners Guide Free Ebook
Free Ebook! Get your free Ebook! Isn’t that the chant of the internet for the past several years? Well, here is one that teaches ActionScripting. Hey, it’s free so it can’t hurt to check it out.

The Essence of Software
The title reminds me of Essence of Emeril, but that’s food for another blog! Paul W. Homer presents a new Wiki project to bring software engineers together and create the ultimate blueprint of software development. Go check it out… and contribute!

Embed Google Earth In Your Site
Brady Forrest gives a quit and dirty how-to and embedding Google Earth into your site! Easy and simple.