Firefox 3 T-Shirt Design Contest

Design The Official Firefox 3 T-Shirt!Do you have mad ninja designing skillz? Do you love the Firefox web browser (who doesn’t)? Well, now is your chance to win some cool cash and prizes plus worldwide recognition! The Mozilla Store is hosting a T-Shirt Design Contest for the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Firefox 3 browser. If chosen, your design will be represented on the official Firefox 3 t-shirt during the release. So what can you win? Here are the prizes.

1st Place Winner:

  • Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store.
  • A free Firefox 3 T-Shirt to show off your winning design.
  • $250 gift voucher to

4 runners up:

  • A free Firefox 3 T-Shirt with the winning design.
  • A $50 gift voucher to