Best Buyer Beware – Digital Picture Frames Carry Virus


Insignia Digital Picture FrameThe high tech retail store, Best Buy (Public, NYSE:BBY) recently confirmed that they sold a “limited number” of 10.4 inch digital picture frames during the holiday season that came with a computer virus pre-installed. The frames were part of their in-house Insignia brand and they were “contaminated with a computer virus during the manufacturing process,” according to a notice posted on the Insignia site last weekend. The frame which went by the part number NS-DPF10A has been discontinued, and all remaining inventory pulled. It apparently only affects Windows PCs that are connected to the picture frame. AND they are not going to recall them… what!? So how do I fix it? They suggest installing an up to date antivirus software package and using it to scan the picture frame. Thanks.

Source: NY Times