Aion Fantasy MMORPG in Open Beta


Aion is a new MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) by NCSOFT that is now available for open beta, but it’s for this weekend only (September 6 – September 13). Head on over there to grab your Open Beta key and download the client. If you do want to play though you should start the download process immediately as it’s a 9.1 Gb file download.

Michael Phelps Reported In Blizzard Forums For Gold Farming

A good friend of mine just pointed out this hilarious post on the official World of Warcraft forums. The original post was as follows:

I have evidence that a character named MichaelPhelps has been farming gold. I also have proof that he is doing this in China. He’s been doing it for about a week and clearly intends to keep doing it. Can anything be done to stop him?

It seems some folks have reported seeing him with 3 other characters, farming gold as a team. It is suspected that they’re botting, as they all move back and forth along the same path.

The reply from Blizzard personnel was as follows:

I’m afraid that by announcing this on the forums you’ve put this person on a pedestal.

And finally here is a screenshot of the actual forum post. Great stuff… and congratulations to Michael Phelps!

10 Alternate Versions Of The Super Mario Bros Theme Song

I ran across a few interesting version of the Super Mario Brothers theme song and so I thought I’d share what I found. Some of the people in these videos are phenomenally talented… and some are just plain silly. Enjoy!

1. Jean Baudin plays the theme on an 11-string bass guitar. What!? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an 11 string bass guitar. Amazing video; amazing guitarist.

2. This beatboxing flute player ( presents a very cool and different version of the theme. You have to see this one.

3. Super drum version by Andrea Vadrucci. This guys isn’t actually playing the theme (drums don’t have that many tones) but he plays along with the music. I included it because this guys playing will blow your mind.

4. Super Mario Brothers Theme played on a Solid State Musical Tesla Coil built by Joe DiPrima and Oliver Greaves and the Austin, TX Chapter of The Geek Group

5. Zack Kim plays the theme on 2… yes, count em two… electric guitars. Very cool.

6. Guy playing the theme on an Ocarina. Very interesting.

7. 12 year old boy plays the theme on a ukulele. He really gets down and into it too.

Super Mario Bros Theme from Josie Moyer on Vimeo.

8. By perfectly lining up a bunch of glass bottles, this guy drives an R/C car armed with a small metal extension and is able to play the theme. Very cool.

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles – Watch more free videos

9. Giuseppe Motta plays the theme on the electric guitar using an eight finger tapping method.

10. Guy playing the theme on the piano blind-folded. There are plenty of blind piano players in the world so I’m not as impressed, but thought I’d include it anyway.

11. Okay, eleven is not ten but here is a bonus video. Oldy but goody version by an a capella choir.