Black Friday Sales

Black Friday SalesAre you ready for the mad Black Friday Sales rush to get great bargains and get ahead on your Christmas shopping? Are you looking for some really cheap tech items (electronics, computers, software, etc)? Well, a friend of mine just emailed me a link to this online Google Spreadsheet containing a very nice listing of some of the sales that are already listed including the store name, the item, the sale price and whether or not it is a mail-in rebate item. Click here to see the Black Friday Sales Spreadsheet. You may also want to check out The Official Black Friday 2007 website. They have a lot of listings as well.

Will The Google Phone Overtake The iPhone?

Google PhoneThe release of Apple’s iPhone has made tremendous waves in the cellphone industry. However, the honeymoon is over and the iPhone has been “cracked” in favor or more user customization and third party applications. Apple has announced an SDK (software developer kit) to be release for the iPhone coming in February 2008, but by then there may be a new player in town.

The long anticipated and highly rumored Google Phone is on it’s way! Not only that, but it’s operating system will be based on Linux and Java. That is a freely available and open software development language on top of an open-source and highly customizable operating system. Will the behemoth Google be able to put a dent in the momentum that is the iPhone? Will the openness of the Google Phone be able to woo otherwise iPhone buyers?

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Microsoft Must Kill Google Before It Is Too Late

Every once in a while I like to post links to one of my favorite financial sites, The Motley Fool. This usually because they are covering some aspects of one of the big tech companies. In this case Rick Aristotle Munarriz has written a very good analysis of the financial states of generating revenue from online advertising with comparisons between Microsoft, Yahoo and the predominant giant… Google.

The non-Googles out there are huffing and puffing even as they continue to lose ground to the search leader. Yet how can the larger company be the one growing more quickly? However it’s happening, one can sum up the current Microsoft and Yahoo! game plans to three simple words: Must Kill Google!

This article has a lot of insight and some extremely interesting numbers as well. I highly suggest giving it a quick read: Microsoft Must Kill Google, Now.

3rd Party Apps Coming To An iPhone Near You!

iPhone SDK and Apple Finally Listening
— Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs just announced that Apple would (finally!) provide an iPhone SDK to 3rd party developers in order to enable them to create native applications for the iPhone (and, incidentally, also for the iPod touch). While the actual SDK won’t ship until February 2008, this announcement is a monumental shift in strategy for Apple, who has thus far tried to control the applications available for the iPhone and limit 3rd party developers to Web 2.0 apps running in the Safari browser.

Pressure on Apple from customers and bloggers alike very quickly led to this turn-around in strategy – and this can only be a good thing or both Apple and its iPhone customers. Having the iPhone be a true mobile platform – similar to Palm, Nokia, and Windows Smartphones – is key to any long-term success of the iPhone product line.

Google Version 2.0: Googzilla – The Calculating Predator

Google Version 2.0: Googzilla – The Calculating Predator
— Google’s database inventions by themselves, according to Stephen E. Arnold, who has written a patent-centric study of the company, show that Google’s research unit has superseded Bell Labs and Xerox PARC as the place for technical innovation in the U.S., if not the world. The new study’s index lists 90 patents and applications of the more than 200 that Arnold has identified and analyzed.

“Calculating Predator” picks up where “Legacy” left off in depicting Google as more than a search and advertising company. (Stephen E.) Arnold observes in the study: “Google Version 1.0 was the Web search and advertising company. . . .

“Google Version 2.0 is another creature entirely,” he adds, noting: “I use the term Googzilla to describe the current incarnation of Google. The idea is that Googzilla is big, powerful, and indifferent to the insects and ants crushed by its massive paws. Google Version 2.0 shares the search and ad capabilities of Google Version 1.0, but it is much, much more. . . . With a little more effort, Google could become the largest information publishing, distributing, archiving, and retailing operation in the world.”

One Million iPhones Sold!

Apple has announced the sale of the one millionth iPhone. 74 days after its release on June 29th, Apple has reached a major milestone. The mobile device that was two years in the making has changed to path of handhelds, spurred development in the industry, and garnered interest from nearly every corner of technology. And Apple is looking to sell a million more, at a faster rate. It’s just knocked $200 off the original price to gear up for the holiday season, and may be working on a 3G release shortly, as indicated by its partnership with InterDigital.

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400+ Million Firefox Downloads

According to the Spread Firefox site they have now reached 400 million downloads of the Firefox web browser. I personally cannot use a computer without Firefox installed. It is in my humble opinion far superior to it’s counterparts, especially Internet Explorer. I even have a U3 version installed on my thumb drive so that I have it in my pocket wherever I go.