Mashable’s iPhone App – Flash What?

I just opened up the Mashable app on my iPhone to view an article and received the error below stating, “You need Adobe Flash Player 8 (or above) to view the charts. It is a free and lightweight installation from Please click on Ok to install the same.” Hey guys… are you aware of the whole Apple / Flash controversy? I’m guessing your iPhone app shouldn’t be prompting me to install Flash.

Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 8 (iPod Touch)

iPod TouchNow this isn’t late breaking news but with the iPod Touch you can get all of the cool, ground-breaking new features of the iPhone without all of the fuss and trouble of it being an actual phone. It has the gorgeous 3.5 inch vibrant touchscreen that lets you control everything with the tips of your fingers. With a flick you can be scrolling through cover images of all the albums stored on your iPod Touch. Of course you can store and view photos of the kids, your latest vacation or even that crazy frat party you went to last weekend. The video viewing is just as fine and competent as the other models of iPod with video.

Now for the kicker… it actually has WiFi built-in that lets you browse the web with the Safari web browser! Does your MP3 player do that? No? I didn’t think so. Well, neither does mine come to think of it since I don’t own one of these beauties (hint hint).

Still Time To Win a FREE iMac

Win This iMacI wrote a little while back about a guy named Mike (Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style) who is running the Stay At Home Dad iMac Give-Away. Up for grabs is a brand new, unopened 20″ Apple iMac. It has a 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of memory, a 250 GB hard drive, an 8x SuperDrive (which is Apple-speak for DVD burner), and a (pretty sexy) 20″ glossy display. It comes with a mouse and keyboard, and is really an awesome set-up. Apple’s new OS X (Leopard) just came out so if you snagged this little beauty it’d be all ready to go for an OS update. The contest ends at 11:59 PM on October 31 (I am assuming EST time) so hurry up and get your entries in!

3rd Party Apps Coming To An iPhone Near You!

iPhone SDK and Apple Finally Listening
— Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs just announced that Apple would (finally!) provide an iPhone SDK to 3rd party developers in order to enable them to create native applications for the iPhone (and, incidentally, also for the iPod touch). While the actual SDK won’t ship until February 2008, this announcement is a monumental shift in strategy for Apple, who has thus far tried to control the applications available for the iPhone and limit 3rd party developers to Web 2.0 apps running in the Safari browser.

Pressure on Apple from customers and bloggers alike very quickly led to this turn-around in strategy – and this can only be a good thing or both Apple and its iPhone customers. Having the iPhone be a true mobile platform – similar to Palm, Nokia, and Windows Smartphones – is key to any long-term success of the iPhone product line.

What Happens When You Open Every Application On A MacBook Pro?

Some guy decided he’d see if his MacBook Pro could handle opening every application on it… at the same time. He says it took quite a while and paused here and there, but eventually had everything up and running. Amazing! Way to go Apple.

Here is the original article on Digg. The picture below links to the original on Flickr.

MacBook Pro Opening Every Application

Win A FREE 20″ iMac With Intel Core 2 Duo

DevDad is holding yet another giveaway, the Stay At Home Dad iMac Give-Away! That’s right, this time he has teamed up with SitterCity, America’s leading site for matching babysitters and petsitters with people who need them, to be able to offer a brand new 20″ Apple iMac. It comes with a 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of memory, a 250 GB hard drive and an 8x SuperDrive.

Win This iMac

Who is DevDad? Well, his motto says it all… Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style. He has some very reasonable prices for web and blog development services, blog-sitting, content creation and much more. On his blog he talks about his life doing business at home and the good times he has with his family. Plus, he has some awesome giveaways!

SitterCityWho is SitterCity? If you need a babysitter or petsitter you can go to the site, type in your zip code and find a listing of people who can fill the job. The site provides user feedback and ratings on their listed sitters as well as an indication of whether or not they have a background check on file. There are many details to view about potential sitters including their preferred rate, whether or not they have their own transportation, years of experience, educational background and they may also have a profile video.

If you are a sitter, for children or pets, and you need to find work in your area then this site is for you also! You will be able to register on the site and provide all of your pertinent information in your profile. Now people in your area will be able to find you, which means more jobs… and more money!

One Million iPhones Sold!

Apple has announced the sale of the one millionth iPhone. 74 days after its release on June 29th, Apple has reached a major milestone. The mobile device that was two years in the making has changed to path of handhelds, spurred development in the industry, and garnered interest from nearly every corner of technology. And Apple is looking to sell a million more, at a faster rate. It’s just knocked $200 off the original price to gear up for the holiday season, and may be working on a 3G release shortly, as indicated by its partnership with InterDigital.

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