Win A FREE 20″ iMac With Intel Core 2 Duo


DevDad is holding yet another giveaway, the Stay At Home Dad iMac Give-Away! That’s right, this time he has teamed up with SitterCity, America’s leading site for matching babysitters and petsitters with people who need them, to be able to offer a brand new 20″ Apple iMac. It comes with a 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of memory, a 250 GB hard drive and an 8x SuperDrive.

Win This iMac

Who is DevDad? Well, his motto says it all… Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style. He has some very reasonable prices for web and blog development services, blog-sitting, content creation and much more. On his blog he talks about his life doing business at home and the good times he has with his family. Plus, he has some awesome giveaways!

SitterCityWho is SitterCity? If you need a babysitter or petsitter you can go to the site, type in your zip code and find a listing of people who can fill the job. The site provides user feedback and ratings on their listed sitters as well as an indication of whether or not they have a background check on file. There are many details to view about potential sitters including their preferred rate, whether or not they have their own transportation, years of experience, educational background and they may also have a profile video.

If you are a sitter, for children or pets, and you need to find work in your area then this site is for you also! You will be able to register on the site and provide all of your pertinent information in your profile. Now people in your area will be able to find you, which means more jobs… and more money!