Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 8 (iPod Touch)


iPod TouchNow this isn’t late breaking news but with the iPod Touch you can get all of the cool, ground-breaking new features of the iPhone without all of the fuss and trouble of it being an actual phone. It has the gorgeous 3.5 inch vibrant touchscreen that lets you control everything with the tips of your fingers. With a flick you can be scrolling through cover images of all the albums stored on your iPod Touch. Of course you can store and view photos of the kids, your latest vacation or even that crazy frat party you went to last weekend. The video viewing is just as fine and competent as the other models of iPod with video.

Now for the kicker… it actually has WiFi built-in that lets you browse the web with the Safari web browser! Does your MP3 player do that? No? I didn’t think so. Well, neither does mine come to think of it since I don’t own one of these beauties (hint hint).