Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 9 (Case Of Bawls)

Case Of Bawls from ThinkGeek.comOne of the geek’s best friends (especially programmer/hacker geeks) is caffeine. That usually comes in the form of a beverage and is most likely called Java or Joe or coffee. Non-coffee drinking geeks sometimes also go for the sodas, but alas these do not have the same kick as coffee… at least in my humble opinion. Well, fear not! There IS a soda that has the right amount of kick to fuel those late night dungeon raids… or, I mean, programming to meet the latest deadline. 😉 brings you a Case Of Bawls. The caffeine (80mgs in each 10 ounce distinctly colored cobalt-blue bottle) is derived from the Guarana berry from the Amazon. This berry lends a sweet flavor to the drink. The stimulating effects derived from Guarana frequently aren’t associated with the kind of stomach discomforts and jitters associated with drinking too much java.

Choose between a Case (24) of 10 ounces bottles (either Regular or Guarananexx (Sugar Free)). Or choose a Case (24) of 16 ounce cans in your choice of regular or Cherry. BAWLS Guaranexx is sugar free, calorie and carb free with only 15 milligrams of sodium. It is sweetened with a combination of Sucralose and AceK (NOT to be confused with Aspartame). And it tastes great!