Hey Microsoft, Where Are My Keyboard Shortcuts!?

Delete KeyI recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010. I really like the way the design team is going on their newer versions. It is really sleek and nice feeling, but I’ve noticed something missing… my keyboard shortcuts! I’m a Linux guy at heart (I install cygwin on every Windows machine I own and/or use) so performing tasks quickly from the keyboard are a part of my computing lifestyle. For instance in Outlook I could always type ALT-T, Y to permanently delete items in my Recycle Bin. Not anymore! The new interfaces are very mouse-centric and while they look good they leave out the ole shortcuts that have become second nature to me.

Wait a minute, you say! You can still use keyboard shortcuts. That’s true. Now to perform the same task in Outlook I can simply type ALT-F, I, T, Y. That just rolls off the tongue (or fingers), doesn’t it? Maybe in the next version I’ll be able to type “P-L-E-A-S-E E-M-P-T-Y M-Y R-E-C-Y-C-L-E B-I-N, Y-E-S I A-M S-U-R-E, T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U”.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday SalesAre you ready for the mad Black Friday Sales rush to get great bargains and get ahead on your Christmas shopping? Are you looking for some really cheap tech items (electronics, computers, software, etc)? Well, a friend of mine just emailed me a link to this online Google Spreadsheet containing a very nice listing of some of the sales that are already listed including the store name, the item, the sale price and whether or not it is a mail-in rebate item. Click here to see the Black Friday Sales Spreadsheet. You may also want to check out The Official Black Friday 2007 website. They have a lot of listings as well.

Microsoft Offering AdWare, What?

It appears that the software and operating system giant, Microsoft will be offering it’s next version of Microsoft Works as a free ad-supported software suite.

For the time being, however, the new version of Works will be ad-funded, according to Satya Nadella, the newly minted Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Search & Advertising Platform Group. Nadella told me during an interview on July 27 that Microsoft recently released the new ad-funded version of Microsoft Works.

The funny thing is nobody seems to be able to find a real download for the software. ZDNet actually contacted Microsoft to get the skinny and they were given the runaround.

Even though Microsoft’s own vice president discussed the product, no one will talk. The official comment, via a Microsoft spokeswoman: “We’re always looking at innovative ways to provide the best productivity tools to our customers, but have nothing to announce at this time.”

Seems a bit odd to me. Perhaps Microsoft’s VP, Satya Nadella, leaked information that was not supposed to be publicized. Who knows. You can read more about the story on ZDNet’s site.

ZDNet – Microsoft Works to become a free, ad-funded product

Organizing Sage

I use Sage as my RSS news reader and so far it’s been great. This weekend I was looking at the plethora of news feeds I have subscribed and contemplated dropping some because of the huge list. I really didn’t want to get rid of any them though. What I needed was some organization! Sage does not inherently come built with any tabbed organizational tools for your RSS feeds though. Hmmm.

After spending some time looking for a new reader I decided I didn’t want to change. Perhaps I could modify Sage to do my bidding. I started looking through the options and how things worked. I didn’t get that far at all before I realized that Sage just stored your RSS feeds as bookmarks. Well, my bookmarks are stored in folders. I wonder…

I closed out my Sage options then went to the Firefox Bookmarks menu and Organize Bookmarks. I created some folders within the Sage folder to organize my feeds and placed my RSS feeds within their appropriate categories. Then I clicked the Sage icons and Viola! Instant RSS feed organization. Problem solved. Of course it may look a little confusing at first glance because there is no plus(+) sign in front of the folders to let you know that they expand, but you can just click on them and they expand. Click on them again and they close.

Now I have my favorite RSS feed reader and it’s organized by topic. I’m a fat happy geek! (Actually I’m a five pounds less fat happy geek. Yay me!)

Is That OS X, Vista, XP or Linux? The Infiltration Is Complete

VMWare Fusion Beta 4 is loose and in the wild as of 06/07/2007. We all know and recognize VMWare as the leader in the virtualization industry, so the following quote will come as no surprise.

Built from the ground up for the Mac, VMware Fusion leverages nearly a decade of virtualization expertise to harness the full power of your Mac hardware, while still supporting Windows-only applications, USB 2.0 devices, 64-bit, and accelerated 3D graphics.

Of course it also supports Linux, Solaris and a list of other operating systems. In addition you can download a ready-to-use virtual appliance from VMWare’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace that is pre-configured and ready to go. Just drop it in and start it up. Now this is where it get’s juicy!

Say goodbye to the Windows desktop Рseamlessly run Windows XP applications just like Mac applications; use Expos̩ to switch between any application, minimize to the Dock, bring forward only the application you care about, and use familiar Mac keyboard shortcuts. Use the VMware Fusion Launch Palette to easily access all your Windows applications, and keep your favorite Windows applications in the Dock.

VMWare has virtually (pun intended) blurred the lines between operating systems so that using applications between them is indistinguishable. They freed the applications from within the virtual machines into their host operating system. They can finally come out to play!

VMWare states that they are anticipating releasing version 1.0 of VMWare Fusion in the Summer of 2007. Guess that gives them a couple of months to tweak things a bit. All I have to say is… I really really really want a new Mac.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a YouTube video has got to be worth quite a bit more. So check this out and prepare to be absolutely friggin’ amazed.