Organizing Sage


I use Sage as my RSS news reader and so far it’s been great. This weekend I was looking at the plethora of news feeds I have subscribed and contemplated dropping some because of the huge list. I really didn’t want to get rid of any them though. What I needed was some organization! Sage does not inherently come built with any tabbed organizational tools for your RSS feeds though. Hmmm.

After spending some time looking for a new reader I decided I didn’t want to change. Perhaps I could modify Sage to do my bidding. I started looking through the options and how things worked. I didn’t get that far at all before I realized that Sage just stored your RSS feeds as bookmarks. Well, my bookmarks are stored in folders. I wonder…

I closed out my Sage options then went to the Firefox Bookmarks menu and Organize Bookmarks. I created some folders within the Sage folder to organize my feeds and placed my RSS feeds within their appropriate categories. Then I clicked the Sage icons and Viola! Instant RSS feed organization. Problem solved. Of course it may look a little confusing at first glance because there is no plus(+) sign in front of the folders to let you know that they expand, but you can just click on them and they expand. Click on them again and they close.

Now I have my favorite RSS feed reader and it’s organized by topic. I’m a fat happy geek! (Actually I’m a five pounds less fat happy geek. Yay me!)