Find Song Lyrics From Your iGoogle Page


Do any of you remember my post titled You Need Coolin’, Baby, I’m Not Foolin’? Basically I introduced my readers to the site which is a great way for you to look up lyrics and also allows you to contribute to the effort if you find songs that are not in the database.

Well, I’ve created a neat little Google Gadget that allows you to embed a quick lyrics search feature into your iGoogle personalized page powered by You just type in the pieces of the song that you can remember and hit the Search button!

There is a product page on this site for the gadget named LyricWiki Search Gadget and it will soon be published in the Google Homepage Content Directory. You can also find it on the Google Modules website, an unofficial directory of Google Gadgets. Alright, alright enough with the web references.

Here is the obligatory screenshot. Ah, simplicity at it’s best! Even if I do say so myself.

LyricWiki Search Gadget Screenshot

Finally, if you want to install/add the gadget to your iGoogle page all you have to do is click the Add To Google button. Simple, eh? Add to Google

Well, go ahead and click! I promise it won’t hurt… bad.

EDIT: As of June 21 Google finally added me to the Content Directory which you can see here.