Post Lag and Barbeques

Sorry there has been a lag in my post frequency guys. Work has kind of gotten in the way this week and well… the lights don’t keep themselves on. I only ran three times this week, but I bumped my distance up to four miles per run! So my overall distance is about the same.

Anyway, this is the last you’ll probably hear from me until next week. The fam and I are headed over to Tallahassee to reunite with some ole buddies we met during our FSU days (go Noles!). We’re goin back to Tally… to Tally… to Tally. We’re having a big BBQ lunch today (Friday) and brunch on Saturday to catch up. Should be fun and I’ll post some pics of the event when we get back.

Hopefully next week I’ll resume my regular posting and continue the riveting product reviews that I had planned for this week (good things to come). Sorry to leave you hanging. In the mean time check out this funny video of Jim Carey on YouTube (with PigTails):