Product Review: Sennheiser PMX70 Sport Headphones

So you decided to get yourself a new iPod… or at least a new MP3 player, right? Now you are running much better and taking your tunes with you thanks to your sports armband of choice. Wait. You’re not still using those factory earbuds that come with the player are you? No, no, no, no. You can’t do that, my friend! That is no good. Those things sound like… well, they don’t sound very good. Besides you have to hang them over your ear by the cord, which isn’t very secure and then shove the bud part into your ear which isn’t very comfortable at all. Add all of this to the fact that you are running down the road (trail, track, mountain or wherever you run) and you get the picture. Basically you are going to spend most of your time adjusting your earbuds and cursing the fact that they keep falling out.

Enter the Dragon! Well, it’s not really a dragon, but it’s green and gray and kind of squiggly like a dragon. I’m talking about the Sennheiser PMX70 Sport Line Stereo Neckband Headphones.. Dude! These things absolutely rock! I’m talking they sound good. Throw those old earbuds in the trash can because once you get a taste of these babies you’ll never want to listen to those puny old crapbuds again. The bass is nice and smooth. It pumps out the beat without taking your fillings out. The highs sound clear and everything in between is just right. Not only that, but I can still hear the outside world. That’s right. These are NOT isolation headphones. They do not block out sound from the world abroad. I would like to know that cars are approaching from behind me while I’m running.

So how do they wear? Great! I sweat a LOT when I run. And I hate to have anything in or on my ears when I am hot. These however do not bother me at all. They are not padded or soft so I don’t feel like they are smothering my ears. I don’t feel like they are absorbing my sweat and getting weighed down. Any of you that know me know that I have long hair. So when I’m running I often have to push my hair out of my face and I thought this would be a problem, but the headphones have never gotten in my way. They do not bother me when I’m wiping my face and they have never once fell off of my ears.

Complaints: When I first started using them the cord got in my way a bit. It kind of bounced around my arm which was a bit annoying. So I figured I’d tuck it into my shirt to solve the problem. This wouldn’t work for any of you that go shirtless or wear tanks, but I gave it a shot. It worked alright, but the cord still worked it’s way around to the front and annoyed me a bit. Finally one day I noticed that the package had included a gator clip. Ah ha! The next run I attached this to the cord and clipped it firmly to the neck of my shirt on the back and out of the way. Problem solved! I didn’t see or think about the cord for the rest of the run.

In conclusion, these are a fantastic set of headphones. I highly recommend them to anyone who is listening to an mp3 player during any type of sports activity, not just running. Happy listening!