Kids Say The Darndest Things


“Oh, and guess what your son said at school today?”

That can’t be good. This has been an odd week at the Franzone house. Our children attend a private Christian academy here in Pensacola, FL and my wife on very rare occasion will substitute teach. I say very rare because we have a baby at home and I work. So if my wife is working… you got it; I’m watching the baby. Well, for some very unusual circumstances my wife has been teaching for almost a week now. 😐

I digress. So I take my eleven month old daughter outside for a bit today to walk around and try to keep her awake a little longer before her afternoon nap. Well it starts raining a little so we jump into the truck. Why didn’t we just go into the house you ask? Well… I don’t know! Stop asking. Anyway, I look over and there was my cell phone which I had misplaced and not even known it. And oh what timing, because it was just ringing at that very moment. What luck! After talking to mommy for a bit we arrive at the question which began this blog entry.

“No, dear, what did he say?” Well, my son has a little miniature Robosapien Robot that he took to school. Apparently he told one of his friends that he had named his robot “biatch”. “Nice!” I replied, tears welling up in my eyes. You make me proud boy! Oh… woops… wrong audience… what I meant to say was ummm.

Seriously, though it’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Your child picks up the one word in a movie that you do NOT want them to repeat and they say it in the one place on Earth that you do NOT want them to repeat it. He learned this beautiful piece of urban language from the “kids” movie Zathura. Granted it is rated PG but come on… the language was really unnecessary. The clip he got it from is when the two boys are playing the game. The older boy, Walter gets a robot and the robot turns out to be 3 inches tall. So Walter commands the robot, “Get me a juice box, biatch!” Here is a YouTube clip of the scene if you want to watch it (looks like someone recorded it with their camcorder pointed at the TV – LOL. Go old school baby!). Here is a review of the movie by Plugged In Online, a company owned by Focus on the Family. There is another scene in the beginning of the movie where Walter calls his brother a Richard… well… the nickname for the Richard. 😉 So we never let the kids watch the movie from the beginning; we just start it at around chapter four.

So, it has become clear to me today that children are like little oil filters. They pick up all of the crap from the world that you don’t really want in your house or your TV or your computer and then it oozes out all over the place and makes a big mess. Oh well, what can you do. Well, you can…

Just keep on smilin’
Keep on smilin’ thru the rain
Laughin’ at the pain
Just flowin’ with the changes
Till the sun comes out again
Wet Willie – Keep on Smilin’