Product Review: Shoe Pouch

So you decided to take the plunge and get yourself a Nike + iPod Sport Kit as presented in my last product review. If you remember I also discovered a problem during that review. What if you do not own a pair of Nike+ shoes? I personally have never found a pair of Nike shoes that fit my feet properly. Apparently Nike (Public, NYSE:NKE) does not like people with wide feet. Or perhaps you don’t have the extra greenbacks to lay down for a new pair of rubber booties. Well, not to worry; I have an excellent solution on the cheap!

A company called Grantwood Technology manufactures a product called the Shoe Pouch. This is a little… well pouch that attaches to your shoe via the shoe laces and allows you to wear your Nike+ sensor on the running shoe of your choice. Perfect! When attached properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions the Shoe Pouch fits very securely against your foot and provides for extremely accurate readings from your Nike+ sensor. In fact I’ve been wearing New Balance ($$$) running shoes for some years now and all of the Nike+ graphs and readings published on this site to date have been taken using a Shoe Pouch.

Well, I appreciate you taking this journey of discovery with me. I really had fun. I should have after all! I’m the one that got to buy all the cool new stuff, right? I wanted to recap or summarize for you the series in case anyone is coming in at the tail end of the series. Plus this will be a way to have the entire product review series linked from one page.

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Product Review: Nike + Sport Armband
In this review I cover the Nike + Sport Armband… well actually it covers me. LOL I have some challenges with this product but I overcome them. Since then I’ve discovered that they have another release of the product that addresses some of my problems. I’ll probably be doing a follow up review soon.

Product Review: Sennheiser PMX70 Sport Headphones
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Product Review: Nike + iPod Sport Kit
Finally for the pièce de résistance and definitely the centerpiece of this product review series I covered the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. My humble review of this technological monstrosity can barely scratch the surface of the enormity of what this baby can do for you. So go check it out for yourself!

Finally, to make it easier for you (yeah, I’m thinking about you right?) I’ve setup an Amazon product page with all of the above products. I have an online Amazon store setup on my site that you can search for other products as well, but if you want to go there you’ll see all of the above products on the main page with pictures, descriptions and prices. Click here to go my Amazon Store.