Cow Patti


Oh yeah… you know I had to! I dug this up on the internet… good ole Google. Apparently this guy, Jim Stafford is a musician / comedian that was along the same lines as Ray Stevens. He’s over in Branson, Missouri along with all the other dinosaur acts. Oops… did I say that out loud.

** As a bonus there’s an embedded song file below the lyrics so you can listen along as you read. Ah the beauty of technology. 🙂

Cow Patti by Jim Stafford

From the bad lands came the killer
He lived by the knife and the gun
He’d cut you just for standing
And shoot ya if ya tried to run
He was big as a tree and did as he pleased
And everything he did was bad
And they said if you was to kill him
It’d only make him mad

From the good lands came the cowgirl
Patti was her name
She was hot on the trail of that killer
On a moped she called Flame
Coz the killer had killed her daddy
Just for spittin’ in the road
You only had to kill her daddy once
To get that gal P.O.’d

Yippie eye eh Cow Patti
Yippie eye eh Cow Patti
She rode into town to find the man that killed her daddy
Yippie eye eh Cow Patti

The killer hit town at daybreak
Ate the door of the local saloon
He started to drink you could tell
He was thinking there’ll be a showdown soon
Patti hit town in a cloud of dust
Ol’ Flame was buzzin’ like a saw
And the whole town got quiet as a church
When the killer stepped out for the draw
Forty shots rang out
Forty people fell
Patti and the killer missed each other
But they shot that town to hell


The killer took a step towards Patti
Said it’s time I gunned you down
But he slipped in something that was layin’ in the street
And was shot before he hit the ground
Yes, the killer slipped and it cost him his life
And Patti said as she roared out of town
You gotta watch your step
When you know the chips are down