I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


…And I have no privacy, whoa-oa-oa. Sorry, don’t you just love that 80s song, Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell? Well, it leads me to my topic today. I stumbled upon a site with some pretty neato gadgets that I figured I’d review for you today.

Pakatak is one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of surveillance and monitoring equipment: for home & business security purposes, but also leisure and fun. One of the more interesting pages that I found myself caught up on was their spy camera page. Don’t we all just want to be an international man of mystery? Groovy baby, yeah!

They have really small wireless cameras that you could probably mount anywhere. There are even a couple of the infamous “pinhole” variety where the camera lens can virtually stick through the size of a small pin hole. Sweet! Of course night vision was almost a standard feature on most of the cameras I saw.

Finally once you’ve picked out your camera(s), along the right side of the page there are links to several other pretty cool accessories and products to add to your new arsenal such as DVR and USB kits. Anyway, if you are ready to get your spy on head on over. I haven’t done a lot of checking around on this particular type of stuff, but I’d sure keep it in my bookmarks for future reference… just in case.

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