I Am Now A PayPerPost Blogger!


It is official! My first post was approved yesterday so I thought I’d give a shout-out to the latest site that I’m using to get a lot of the information (site reviews, technical articles) that I’m blogging about lately. PayPerPost is a service for both bloggers and advertisers.

Advertisers who would like to place ads on blogs can place opportunities for bloggers to blog about your product, site or whatever you would like. You can set your word count requirements, the link requirements and what the link text should say and you can even require certain images to be embedded into the posts. Worried about placing your ad on small-time blogs? Don’t worry, you can set minimum Google PR and Alexa Ratings for your ad as well. Isn’t that nifty?

For bloggers it’s great too. After getting your blog approved you can go in and find opportunities to blog about (product reviews, band experiences, blog reviews, etc.). All the requirements are right there. You can just cut and paste the links and images for embedding. Visit the site to view products, sites or whatever. Then do what you do best! Not only are you doing what you normally do for your readers, but now someone is paying you to do it! Sweet!

I’m very new to PayPerPost, but I am very excited about the opportunities there.