Got Space?

Every try to email somebody a file and their stupid email server rejects the message because the attachment is too large? I have and let me tell you it is really frustrating. I mean that was really hilarious video of… I mean an important presentation video. Well, you get the point. Even most of the online email systems such as GMail have limits of how much data you can send via email, typically rangin from 10 – 20MB.

So what’s fella or gal to do? Driveway to the rescue! No, I’m not talking about where you park your car; I’m talking about FREE online file sharing. This service is awesome! Not just because it’s a sponsored review… but because it flat out rocks! Unlimited total storage… ummm hello? Did you read that? Unlimited downloads! The only limit is a total single file size of 500MB. I can live with that. Seriously folks, you need to get on over there before they realize that they’ve completely lost their minds and are giving away unlimited storage for free. Unbelievable.

This post has been sponsored