Hilarious Spam Message

I just had this spam comment come across and it breezed by the Akismet filter. Thankfully I have the moderation (human element) filter engaged as well, but this was a funny one so I thought I’d post it.

Hey Everybody!

I’ve been lurking for awhile but this is a really cool forum so I decided to jump in and get my feet wet. I’m new at this so I don’t have much to say but it’s been real educational reading here and I look forward to participating.

The URL that they left was some blogspot address that just redirected to a loan site. First of all… this is a BLOG, not a forum. If you are going to throw this kind of spam out there on blogs at least get that part right. Secondly… well there is no second. So whoever you are, whether human or robot, stop spamming my blog!