Friday Song Of The Day – Rapper’s Delight


Today’s Friday song of the day is Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang. I’ve heard this song many, many times before and thought it was just a cheezy old song. The other day, however, I actually paid attention to the lyrics. I literally laughed out loud at some of these lyrics. You should definitely check them out. They make for a good read, but you won’t get the full effect unless you listen to it… to da beat! Here are a few excerpts:

I said a hip hop a hippie to the hippie
to the hip hip hop, you don’t stop
a rockin’ to the bang bang boogie say up jumps the boogie,
to the rhythm of the boogity beat.

Have you ever went over a friends house to eat
And the food just aint no good
I mean the macaroni’s soggy the peas are mushed
And the chicken tastes like wood
So you try to play it off like you think you can
By sayin that you’re full
And then your friend says momma he’s just being polite
He ain’t finished uh uh that’s bull
So your heart starts pumpin and you think of a lie
And you say that you already ate
And your friend says man there’s plenty of food
So you pile some more on your plate
While the stinky foods steamin your mind starts to dreamin
Of the moment that it’s time to leave
And then you look at your plate and your chickens slowly rottin
Into something that looks like cheese

That’s just a small taste of the lyrical genius in this song. Go see the full lyrics and look for the bit about Superman… good stuff, good stuff.