10 Online Resources For Mullet Lovers (Not The Fish)

Billy Ray Cyrus - King Of The MulletThat’s right… I’m talking about the hairstyle, not the fish! So what’s a mullet hairstyle? Basically it is short in the front, top and sides and long in the back. The saying goes, “business in the front… party in the back!”

It’s a widely known fact that every time a mullet is born an angel dies, a puppy gets hit by a bus, a kitten explodes, a starving kid is eaten by a kid that is starving more and somebody is forced to read Ayn Rand’s “Anthem.” It’s basically a law in most parts of the world to avoid a mullety fashion.

This hairstyle is so bad that many people have taken up the sport of Mullet Hunting. These are some sites and resources to start you down the path to mullet heaven.

  1. Wikipedia – Mullet (haircut) : no list on a matter of such grave importance would be complete without an entry from always trustworthy Wikipedia.
  2. Encyclopedia Dramatica – Mullet : this is a very funny page on the hairstyle which is also the source of the quote above.
  3. Mullets Galore : this site has probably the most in-depth encyclopedia of mullet definitions with corresponding photographs on the internet. The user interface is extremely clunky and outdated, but the content will have you in stitches.
  4. Mullet Hunters : not very much information here, but they have a small photo gallery of mullets that include some celebrities.
  5. Rate My Mullet : a site that encourages user feedback in the form of mullet rating. They also have a submission form where you can submit a mullet to be rated.
  6. Mullet Madness : a very nice looking site with a store containing some pretty funny mullet merchandise. They also have several articles describing some famous mullets, including the Star Wars mullet.
  7. The Second Annual Melrose Mullet Madness Gallery : this is a mullet gallery that was compiled by the ESPN folks. Great job!
  8. Mullet.com : this site has a My Mullet feature where you can register and have your own mullet page to show off that glorious hair.
  9. Mullet Junky : a site with some pretty decent mullet merchandise. They also have a Mullets Across America that is a map of the U.S. that links to mullet sitings across our great nation.
  10. Flock Of Mullets : this last link has virtually no information at all. In fact the only thing mullet related here is the URL, site name and a few pictures of boys on a wall. Oh, did I mention they are singing pictures on the wall? Yeah, the photos on the wall are performing a mashup of songs that are hilarious… so turn the sound up and enjoy.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my mullet list. Do you know of any other great mullet resources? Please leave links in the comments for all to enjoy.