Color Palettes For The Non Artist

I do not consider myself an artist by any means and so when it comes to picking out color combinations for web work I am usually at a loss. I can generally pick out when something looks really bad, but I’m not that adept at finding subtle color variations that will match another. So what’s a guy like me to do?

I found a website that attempts to solve this very problem. It is an extremely easy tool called Color Schemer. Basically you start off with one color that you can specify on the left sidebar. Once you set the color, the tool creates a palette of complimentary colors for you to choose from. Easy! There are buttons to lighten or darken the scheme so you can adjust the tone a bit. There are also versions that you can download and run offline in both Windows and Mac OS X. Color Schemer

For someone who doesn’t have the eye for colors or the time to research them, this tool provides a very quick way to find a color scheme that doesn’t look like a hotdog stand.