5 Tips For Finding New Things To Blog About

Light BulbHave writer’s block? Need some fresh ideas for content? These are just a few sources of blog material that you can utilize to get the creative juices flowing.

Solving A Problem

A lot of what I do as a software engineer includes solving problems. Many of them are small like: Problem) I need to display X, Y and Z on the screen. Solution) Use whatever programming language and/or framework that is applicable to accomplish that task. However sometimes I run across a problem that is a bit more difficult. In situations like these I usually end up scouring the internet to see if someone else has run across this problem and whether or not there are any solutions. There have been many times when I found tons of questions about the same problem I am researching yet no answers. This is frustrating. So after putting my best resources to the problem and coming up with a solution I usually try to blog on both the problem and the resolution that I found. After all other people out there may be desperately searching for the solution that I just found.

Day To Day Know-How

Just because you do something everyday and it is as easy as breathing to you does not mean that everyone knows this. This is why there are XYZ For Dummies books being sold by the thousands. A good place to find quality blogging content is in your day to day know-how. Just pick a topic that you think is mildly interesting and create a well written tutorial on the needed steps and any pitfalls to be wary of. You’d be surprised at the number of people that will thank you for the simplest of information.

A Question You Cannot Answer

Have you ever been asked a question and did not know the answer? Have you ever had a question that you could not find the answer for? This is another good source of blogging content. Simply pose the question to your readers. You may want to give some background and/or scope to the problem. You may also want to throw out some possible answers that you have thought of. Chances are you will get feedback with many opinions, one of which just may be the answer you are searching for.

Seeing Things Done Wrong

Many times in my software engineering life I come across code that is so wrong that it makes me want to change my profession. In these cases I must assume that if one person came up with such a wrong way of doing something then there may be others that are being tempted over to the dark side of ill conceived solutions. This is a good opportunity to perhaps educate your readers on the proper way of accomplishing something. Or at least your best opinion on the best way.

Supernatural Inspiration

Sometimes I’m just walking down the street and it strikes me… inspiration! “Ah ha” that’s a great blog idea. Do not let these moments pass to long before you find something to write with. Get as much information into a concrete form either on paper or in a text file on your computer before the idea has diluted. These don’t come that often so when they do you should seize the opportunity because it could be some of your best blog material.

Of course if none of these help you with ideas for blogging content then you could always write something for a blog competition or group writing project as I am doing for the ProBlogger Birthday Bash Giveaway! Happy blogging.