PC Problems – The End In Sight


As per my last couple of blogs I have been having some problems using my PC… I can’t use it. I have been receiving the error “A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code 4: 0x80090006“. This is one of those elusive problems that has many postings on the internet with very few good resolutions. I think the big problem is there seems to many several solutions. That means this error occurrs because of a number of reasons… just like my migraines. 🙂

So, what was the solution that worked for me? I found a list/forum entry here that provided the fix that worked. Basically there are three cryptography DLLs that may have become corrupt so the author specified that you should obtain fresh copies of those libraries and copy them to your C:\WINDOWS\System32 directory. The DLLs in question are rsaenh.dll, dssenh.dll and sccbase.dll. So I used my Windows XP CD to boot into recovery console mode (from drive E:) and issued the following commands:

copy E:\\I386\\RSAENH.DL_ C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\rsaenh.dll
copy E:\\I386\\DSSENH.DL_ C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\dssenh.dll
copy E:\\I386\\SCCBASE.DL_ C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\sccbase.dll

After rebooting… it worked! So as I’m writing this (on my iMac) my PC is busy performing a full backup. I’ll probably finish out the week using it and then do a clean install over the weekend.