BlogRush Gives 10,000+ Blogs The Boot

I just received an email this morning letting me know that I made the first round of cuts! What cuts? Well, I’m sure a lot of you fellow bloggers have heard of BlogRush by now. After the initial opening there were problems with people gaming or cheating their system. Of course they do not want this type of behavior because it’ll just drive away any reputable bloggers from using their network. With this news it seems that they are indeed taking extensive action. They have removed over 10,000 blogs from their network that did not meet the new Quality Quidelines. It appears that they are using a manual process to determine whether or not blogs meet these criteria.

Phase 2 of the BlogRush Changes

In the email I received it stated that they are rolling out some new changes in the next few days. These will include an all new Dashboard, advanced statistics reporting, some new sub-categories and new thinner widget. All in all this network still seems like a viable means of getting good quality traffic to your blog. We’ll see how things shape up in the days and weeks to come with all of these changes.