AdaptiveBlue’s SmartLinks Are Live!


AdaptiveBlue has been leading the way with cutting edge technologies that help you browse the web better and smarter. Not only that but they also provide tools for web content providers (ie bloggers) enabling them to give a more usable and informative experience to their audience. I was lucky enough to be included in the beta test group for SmartLinks and have been absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Not only are SmartLinks awesome for giving quick and easy value add to your readers. But now with the new SmartLinks, installation is so easy a monkey could do it. For us WordPress users they provide a plugin, which when activated automatically converts links to certain domains into SmartLinks. That’s right! I don’t have to muck around with my links anymore… SmartLinks does it for me on the fly.

Here is an example for The Lord Of The Rings – The Motion Picture Trilogy

You can read more about how this works on the AdaptiveBlue blog. They also have some initial results on the first 24 hours of the new SmartLinks release.