Who Upgrades Their WordPress Blog On Monday Morning?

I do! I do! This is a testament to a) my stupidity and b) the simplicity of the WordPress installation/upgrade process. I would never, ever condone performing an upgrade on your website in the middle of Monday morning. Why? Well, that is usually one of the peak times of usage for most websites (unless they are inherently weekend oriented). I would normally have done this task over the weekend, but I had some family in from out of town and just could not get to it. So I thought I would tempt fate this morning.

Luckily (or with God’s grace) everything went very smooth and I am now running the latest version (WordPress 2.3.1). I was planning on installing a new theme along with this upgrade. It’s a theme I’ve been working on myself. You can look forward to that sometime later this week. Maybe today if I’m feeling extremely lucky. 🙂