Arbitrary Command-Line Arguments In Bash

Have you ever wanted to be able to process an arbitrary number of command-line arguments in your Bash scripts? Well, fear not! It is actually quite easy. All you need is one of the special built-in variables of the Bash shell. The “$@” variable gives you the parameters passed on without any expansion and seen as separate words. This means you can iterate through them without much fuss.

The first part of this script uses the “-z” test to see if the first positional command-line argument is null. If it is then the script simply outputs a usage statement and exits with a non-zero return value. Otherwise the script goes into a for loop which simply outputs the value of each command-line argument in turn. Notice I also used the “$#” internal variable which simply gives you the number of command-line arguments passed.

So as a side-note I could actually have used this variable to test for the existence of command-line arguments instead of “-z”. I would just do it like this instead:

Well, happy Bashing!