Watch Out For The Robotic Guitar!

Gibson Robot Electric GuitarNow I realize that this has typically not been a blog about music gear, but please bare with me. I am a musician myself (somewhat) and so I appreciate the latest news in the music industry. Anyway, this guitar by Gibson and Musician’s Friend really caught my eye. Why? If you know anything about guitars or stringed instruments in general then you may be aware that they must be tuned. This is a process of tightening or loosening the various strings until they resonate at just the right pitch.

Gibson asks the question, “What if you didn’t have to tune your guitar?” Yes, that’s right! What if the guitar tuned itself? The wait is over because this one does. The Robot Electric Guitar is the world’s first guitar with built-in robotic technology. All you have to do is plug it in, dial in the tuning and strum the strings. Done. Ready to go. How cool is that?