Subscriber Count Madness

Up ArrowWow, I loaded up my page this morning and noticed that I had a slight increase in my FeedBurner subscriber stats. By slight increase of course I mean it jumped from around 70 – 80 to 2,887. Wow, talk about a jump in numbers! I checked my web statistics and there isn’t a huge jump in visitor traffic, which I really didn’t expect to see. Inspection of my FeedBurner account shed a little light though. Apparently the FeedBlitz service is the culprit that has caused my numbers to exponentially multiply. FeedBlitz is the RSS feed to Email Subscription that is offered by FeedBurner. So I guess they made a change or are having some issues with that service. Hopefully it will iron itself out soon. While having that many subscribers would be nice… I’d also like them to be real people, not just a computer mistake.