Power Conserving Surge Protector


Belkin ConserveHave you ever walked into your living room, entertainment room or office and wonder at how bright it was… even with no lights on. At least not any lamps. Many of the electronic devices we use do not turn fully off; there is no hardware switch that completely severs the device’s connection with the power outlet. They are said to go into Standby mode or are Sleeping. Most of the time this is so that they stay warm and can start up faster or respond to some events which it needs to be quietly listening for.

What’s The Problem?

So what? Well, all those devices in Standby mode are using power. This can add up quite a bit on your electric bill. The California Energy Commission estimates standby power losses in the average household to be as much as 15% of household electricity use. Belkin has come up with a solution for this problem though.

The Solution

The Belkin Conserve is a surge protector which can turn it’s ports completely off. Not only that but they include a wireless remote so you can turn your devices off without being a circus contortionist. Oh, and don’t worry about your cable modem… it can stay powered on if you like by plugging it into one of two “Always On” plugs.

So where can I get one? Umm… you can’t yet. According to this news release from Belkin the unit will be available for approximately $49.99 US in North America and the UK Summer of 2008. That’s not too far off! Until then here are a few pics of the nifty, cool power plug.

Belkin Conserve - Always On Belkin Conserve - Wireless Switched Belkin Conserve - Wireless Remote