Is That Randy Jackson Or Captain Kangaroo?


I’ve never been one who has been completely up to date with fashion. Since I work from home my dress usually consists of shorts or jeans and a t-shirt. My wife and I were watching the red carpet events for the 2008 Finale of American Idol when Randy Jackson caught my eye. He was wearing a bright red jacket with white trim. Suddenly out of the depths of my childhood a memory was sparked and I thought to myself, “where have I seen that jacket before?” Of course it came to me within minutes… it was Captain Kangaroo! Anyway, I don’t know if anyone else caught the fashion revival but I thought it was quite funny.

So you can see for yourself here is a picture of Randy at the American Idol Finale of 2008 between Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell

And here is a picture of Captain Kangaroo played by Bob Keeshan.

Captain Kangaroo

See what I mean!? It’s the same coat.