Hulu, Thanks For Giving Me Back My Shows

I have recently discovered Hulu. I’ve not been much of a sit down and watch T.V. person for quite some time. I work from home so if there is a choice between being productive or “vegging” out in from of the television I usually end up back in front of my computer. The advent of World of Warcraft hasn’t helped that situation out much either. Anyway, one show that I’ve missed for a while is The Office. I watched faithfully during the first season and then dropped away from T.V. for the most part. Well, you can watch full episodes on Hulu for free! Yay!

The interface is very nice and unobtrusive. The player can pop out into a separate browser window if desired or it can go fullscreen. There is also a “dim the lights” feature that masks the page that the player is embedded on so that you can focus on the player without all the eye strain of a stark white web page. Ok, so they have my favorite show and a nice, easy-to-use interface… but do they have other decent content? Sure! Some of the other cool shows you can watch include Arrested Development, Family Guy, America’s Got Talent and Dilbert. Want more “blasts from the past”? Well, then you can check out episodes of Fantasy Island, The A-Team or Airwolf (yeah remember when flying a helicopter was cool).