Thank You, Glue Genie!


My New Book - JavaScriptI just won a new book! And it was really easy. I’m a user of Adaptive Blue’s Glue, a FireFox Add-On that does some really nice stuff to help you tag and organize stuff you find and like on the web. They also have a “Glue Genie” on Twitter ( that runs some fun games that are very easy to play. You just run around the web tagging stuff and adding some really simple comments. Then if you are lucky the Glue Genie may just grant you your wish and give you something. So head over to and start playing to get your free stuff.

I recently won and so I wanted to give a shout out to the Glue Genie and a HUGE THANKS! What did I win? A very nice O’Reilly book: JavaScript, The Definitive Guide.