– For All Your Ideas


Here is a really cool site that I just ran across called It’s based on the concept that many of the world’s great business ventures and ideas come from sketches and notes written on napkins in a meeting over lunch or cocktails.

The site has a cool feature where you can use your mouse to sketch something on a virtual napkin notebook. You can then Email the sketch to yourself or a friend. You can also submit the sketch to their gallery to (possibly) be featured on the site. You can see the sketch that I drew above. It’s actually quite fun.

The other option on the site, and one which I was quite excited about, is the ability to purchase an actual, physical napkin notebook. What a great gift idea! However, when I clicked on the purchase link (goes to the Museum of Modern Art) I received an error message: “We’re sorry. We were unable to locate the item you were looking for.” Bummer. 🙁

Hopefully they’ll get some more in stock. Otherwise… it’s still a cool site.